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Lorde, aka Ella Yellick-O'Connor, barefoot in Becoming Lorde

It's on youtube.  She's barefoot underwater.  It'd make for some really good caps, providing this place doesn't have Mousepad-esque restrictions on posting pics of girls who are under 18 (Lord is 16).  It's probably the only time we're going to see her feet, as she seems to have boots and chunky sneakers spot-welded to her feet in photoshoots, alas.   I think we may have to wait as long as we did with Avril Lavigne for a barefoot photoshoot of her.

Jill set the Thread Subject age limit at 13-14, the lowest allowed by My free forums.
Since there is no porn on this site, and all images, videos and vidcaps
even those containing nudity are public domain in one way or another,
and My free forums agrees.
Also the internet ratings board has rated limelight as a
13 years of age or older 'celebrity picture sharing" site.
Thats why you have to be at least 13 to register here and see
the hidden sections.
16 is fine. as long a its a celebrity of some sort.

Glad that 16 is OK Very Happy  Here's hoping someone fancies making some caps (I don't know how to), as Lorde's got gorgeous feet.

amazing no one has answered this one for LORDE!
I never seen that one to watch yet... Forum Index -> Alerts of Movie/TV Scenes and Youtube vids!
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